Vinyl Stripping & Waxing

Restore My Marble conveys finish administrations required to keep and keep up your private and business vinyl floors. With years of experience, our group has the mastery to keep your floors in tip-top condition. From routine cleaning, scouring, stripping, buffing, and resealing, Restore My Marble can furnish you with a customized program to ensure that your vinyl floors are secured and clean.

Vinyl floors have a tendency to lose their sparkle every once in a while. Their layers of sealer end up touched and scratched by soil and pedestrian activity. Without appropriate and customary upkeep these floors can likewise lose their shading through the shameful utilization of wax or cleaning arrangements, causing development. In the event that the sealant layers are totally exhausted, the rear surface of the vinyl floors can turn out to be for all time scratchs. It influencing the life of your ground surface.

Our gifted experts utilize protected, incredible quality, snappy acting floor stripping arrangements that uncommonly made for the expulsion of floor sealers and polishers from business vinyl floors. We initially apply the stripper arrangement onto your floor and basically sit tight for the answer for clean or relax the seal. At that point, we scour the vinyl floor to evacuate and strip the old layers of sealer by utilizing a moderate moving polisher with a stripping cushion. After this procedure, the surface is then killed or cleaned with an answer that contains a PH killing added substance and dried, arranged for the use of layers of top-notch sealer. After the use of various layers of sealer, our group will then buff the spotless surface to create a lustrous wrap-up.


Vinyl Floor Waxing

We start the cleaning procedure by applying the correct wax stripper. We let it absorb to start to expel or dispose of develop from your vinyl floors surface. Once done, we at that point altogether clean the vinyl floor through steam cleaning or buffing machines. When we totally stripped and cleaned the floor, we will then apply another wax. Our group uses numerous layers of wax, and we apply it each one in turn. Next, utilizing our fast machine, we buff the floor to achieve a gleaming, smooth look.

Floor scouring and waxing should be possible every month to evacuate light to extreme scratches. Our group proposes to our customers. This is presently the ideal time to request our assistance or administration to keep your floor crisp. And kept up every once in a while.

Alongside waxing, stripping ought to likewise be done after like clockwork. Let Restore My Marble make your business vinyl floors sparkling, inviting, and shining. Give us a chance to enable you to accomplish your want to have a slick, clean sparkling and sparkling floors. Call us today at (954)-329-1702.