It was more than 500 years ago when Terrazzo was first made by Venetian manufacturers was advanced all through South Florida from the Art Deco time of the 1940's through to the 60's. Right up 'til today, splendid terrazzo floors can be found in a significant number of the great lodgings all through South Beach, Miami and Fort Lauderdale.

In the 70's, wall to wall carpeting became very rampant and numerous private terrazzo floors were concealed and overlooked. All the more as of late terrazzo flooring has returned mold where covering is less normal. Numerous homeowners from South Florida have tore up old carpet to find damaged area, yet still lovely, unique terrazzo flooring. These floors frequently are left with the stains from cover stick, openings from staples used to attach the rugs to the floor and different remainders.

Reestablishing original terrazzo is both a science and a fine art and is best left to the specialists. DeLeon has effectively finished more than 200 private and business terrazzo floor rebuilding ventures all through Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and the whole South Florida district.

Our Process

Our exclusive 10-step process incorporates the pounding, cleaning and buffing of terrazzo floors, leaving our customers with a lovely polished fixed complete to their terrazzo flooring. We have deliberately composed and time-tried techniques for recolor evacuation, repairs and cleaning also, all of which will restore your terrazzo floors as nearly as conceivable to their unique condition.

For more data about our terrazzo cleaning, repair and rebuilding administrations, please get in touch with us today. We anticipate the chance to serve you.

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