Natural Stone

Natural Stone

Marble is milder and more permeable than most stone; it scratches effectively, as well as engravings effortlessly. Marble is sensitive to acids in a wide range of sustenance things (such as citrus items, soft drinks, and so on.) and other household cleaning agents.
Just like ceramic tile, natural stone is a standout amongst the most mishandled and neglected floor and divider surfaces in the home essentially due to the care associated with cleaning it. An engraving mark in a cleaned marble or travertine floor can be a constant reminder that grandma wasn't generally appropriate about the benefits of cleaning with water and vinegar.
Good news is Restore My Marble can sort your problem easily. Regardless of whether you have a common stone in your kitchen, washroom, or some part of your home, those obstinate stains and engraving marks don't stand a shot. Your normal stone will look especially as it did the day it was introduced.
At Restore My Marble we are committed to helping you keep your home sound, clean, and continually looking awesome. The answer for troublesome natural stone honing, cleaning, cleaning and fixing is only a phone call away.

Stone Cleaning Process


All Natural Stone cleaning and rebuilding and additionally fixing jobs must be gone before by a careful pre-examination. Here we decide a modified care intend to meet your particular requirements for your particular stone.

2. Preparation of Area:

Since your house is essential to you it is important to us too; we will avoid potential risk to ensure all zones encompassing your stones with plastic sheets and blue tape.

3. Cleaning:

Cleaning Processes fluctuate from floor to floor, numerous factors incorporate make-up, support, dirtying conditions, movement, utilize, and so forth… When cleaning any stones, we utilize the most experimentally propelled cleaning items and the stone is then machine or hand scoured and brushed. At last we will flush the stone with a washing apparatus, associated with a truck-mounted high temp water extraction framework is utilized, accomplishing most extreme soil expulsion and best general cleaning comes about.

4. Precious stone Grinding:

Stone that is carved, scraped, and scratched can be re-established just by the utilization of mechanical abrasives underneath a turning machine. Jewel abrasives re-emerge/expel a slight measure of stone (sufficiently only to get beneath the engraving marks and scratches). All jewel pounding is performed with the utilization of water to contain clean. The surfacing techniques that take after will decide the coveted surface sheen.

5. Sharpening:

Stone is mechanically re-emerged utilizing precious stone abrasives and water to accomplish a consistently sharpened surface sheen. At times, cleaned marble, stone, travertine or limestone can be mechanically sharpened to evacuate prior surface clean.

6. Cleaning:

Stone is mechanically completed to deliver a polished sparkle. Light engravings, scrapes and scratches might be expelled with the cleaning procedure, however jewel crushing is required if the stone surface has medium profound engravings, scrapes and scratches.

7. Fixing:

This will be the last advance in the stone cleaning process. Contingent upon the sealer picked, we will utilize a substantial obligation proficient review sealer to secure your stones.

8. Post Inspection:

We will complete a stroll through assessment of the regions previously we leave the home and give you a few hints on the best way to keep up your stones.

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