Secret Tips and Tricks to Maintain Glossiness of Your Marble Floorings

Secret Tips and Tricks to Maintain Glossiness of Your Marble Floorings

Marble floorings are elegant and give a luxurious feeling into a place. Especially when they are perfectly polished that they are giving shiny effects. Everybody wants shiny floors, however, maintaining the gloss of your marble is hard. That’s why we are giving you away some tips and tricks to retain their gloss. Read more to know this awesome tips and tricks.

  1. Clean stains using baking soda

    – Marble stains can be removed by using a baking soda. Simply mix a baking soda and water then dab the paste onto the stain. You can also try spraying this mixture to the stain. Cover it with a plastic then let it for 24 hours. Let the baking soda absorb the stain before wiping it with a damp cloth and avoid scrubbing hard.

  2. Use Chalk

    – Use a chalk to polish your marble flooring. First, crush the chalk into powder then damp a sponge into the powder. Use it to your floorings and let it dry for some time before wiping it away.

  3. Use Chamios

    – If you do not have enough time for DIY solutions then go grab chamios. It is a commercial floor polisher, you can also use this to remove other residues.

  4. Always Mop and Clean

    – Maintain the sheen of your marble floor by cleaning it regularly. Mop and Clean it to remove dust and stains.

  5. Use Dishwashing Liquids

    – Quickly clean spills and stains using dish washing liquids or pH neutral cleaner. After doing so, dry it quickly using a dry cloth or mop.

  6. Do not use Acidic Cleaners

    – Avoid using Acidic Cleaners such as lime juice, vinegar, or lemon because they may damage your marble.

  7. DIY Marble Polishing

    – Instead of buying a marble polishing kit. It is better to create your own because they are a lot cheaper.

  8. Do not use Abrasive Cleaners

    – Do not use floor cleaners that are not made for marble floors. They may contain chemicals that may destroy your marble, so be careful.

  9. Use Sealant

    – Use Sealant to protect your marble flooring from spills and stains. However, sealants can not prevent all the stains.

  10. Use Marble Polishing Powder

    – The easiest polishing method you can try to remove etch marks from your marble flooring is by using marble polishing powder. An example of this is MB-11.

  11. Do not use drenched mop

    – Instead of using a drenched mop, use a damp map in wiping the floor as drenched mop’s water may be stuck between the spongy surface of the marble.

  12. Marble Maintenance

    – Do not let spills and scratches for so long. Take action as soon as you notice some scratches and discoloration.

To maintain the sheen of your marble floor, simply follow this steps above. Retaining a marble’s polish is hard, that’s why sometimes we need to consult to a Pro or let them completely do the job to save time and energy. Why? because they can polish, remove scratches, and bring back your flooring’s shine.

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